What is TomoFinance?: Accelerating TomoChain’s Defi Ecosystem

TomoFinance, a platform for issuing Tomochain’s decentralized Stablecoin, TAI, is scheduled to be released on April 26.

TAI is a TRC-21 token that functions as a Stablecoin and worth equal to $1. Users can generate TAI by depositing their collateral assets (TOMO) with TomoFinance.

TomoChain, used by TomoFinance, is a…

TomoFinance’s testnet will be released soon, which allows users to generate TAI by leveraging collateral assets.

Tomochain uses a consensus algorithm called POSV (Proof-of-Stake Voting), which has 1/18,000th of the transaction fees and roughly 80–100x the speed compared to Ethereum. …

TomoFinance, which is a Defi project based on TomoChain, launch in Q1 2021

Corefy Fintech Co., Ltd. is in partnership with blockchain development company BACOOR INC. to research and develop a platform which issues decentralised stable coins “TAI” unitedly. BACOOR INC. also handles Pantagraph, which jointly developed with HB Wallet and Tomochain.

We will adopt Tomochain as the main chain, issue the same…

Tomo Finance

​Tomo Finance | www.tomo-finance.com | A stablecoin evolves DeFi Smart and stress-free in your hands Freedom and fairness to you.

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