Official Announcement: MetaMask is available on TomoFinance from now on!

Official Announcement: MetaMask is available on TomoFinance from now on!

Thanks for joining TomoFinance.

We’re excited to announce that you may use MetaMask to connect with TomoFinance from now on!

What is TomoFinance?

Accelerating TomoChain’s Defi Ecosystem TomoFinance, a platform for issuing Tomochain’s decentralized Stablecoin, TAI, is scheduled to be released on April 26.

TAI is a TRC-21 token that functions as a Stablecoin and worth equal to $1. Users can generate TAI by depositing their collateral assets (TOMO) with TomoFinance.

TomoChain, used by TomoFinance, is a blockchain that uses Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus. It features 2000 TPS, a 2-second block time, and almost zero fees while being EVM-compliant to solve the issues of Ethereum.

Using TomoChain’s native token (TOMO) as collateral to issue TAI has the advantage of providing stable operations without having to sell the TOMO.

MetaMask is available to use on TomoFinance

You may refer to these steps down below to understand how to use MetaMask to connect with TomoFinance. (PC)

First Step: Open Tomo.Finance and you can see the MetaMask logo on the right side, then click that.

Second Step: confirm the information and click ‘Next’ and ‘Connect’.

Third Step: Add Tomo network for MetaMask and confirm the information, then ‘Approve’.

Fourth Step: Allow this site to switch the network with Metamask, then ‘Switch Network’.

Fifth Step: Sign Tomo network then click ‘Sign’.

Final Step: You’re there! Congratulations! You’re connecting your MetaMask wallet with Tomochain.

You may open CDP and enjoy our new release TFI staking service too!

Thank you very much!

Notice: You need to add Metamask as an extension dapps on your Chrome browser, then you may follow the steps.






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