【To be launched on April 26】 Issuing Stablecoin TAI using TOMO as collateral: How to use TomoFinance

What is TomoFinance?: Accelerating TomoChain’s Defi Ecosystem

TomoFinance, a platform for issuing Tomochain’s decentralized Stablecoin, TAI, is scheduled to be released on April 26.

How do I deposit my TOMO and issue a TAI?

To issue TAI, you need to create a CDP (Collateralized Debt Position) and deposit TOMO as collateral.

  1. You need to deposit at least 1.3 times as much TOMO as the amount of TAI you wish to borrow.

How do I repay my borrowed TAI and receive TOMO?

You can repay any part of the TAI you borrowed.

​Tomo Finance | www.tomo-finance.com | A stablecoin evolves DeFi Smart and stress-free in your hands Freedom and fairness to you.

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