TOMO Finance official website updated! The latest news of the launch announcement

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3 min readApr 9, 2021


TOMO Finance has updated the official website!
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Official website:

The latest news of the launch announcement

We’ll launch the TOMO Finance #DeFI service super soon.

1 TAI = $1 USD

The First CDP|on TomoChain!

Collateralized debt position (CDP) is the position created by locking collateral on Tomo Finance’s Smart Contract to generate TAI, a decentralized stablecoin based on TomoChain. Anyone can open a CDP and pay back to get the locked collateral at anytime, as the whole process is automated by Smart Contract.


The value of locked collateral in a CDP always needs to exceed 130% of the value of generated TAI. If a position becomes undercollateralized (at 110%), locked asset will get sold to pay back for the TAI generated, a 10% liquidation penalty and the stability fees.


The generated TAI is technically a decentralized loan backed by the value of the collateral. TAI is pledged to USD, which means 01 TAI is equal to 01 USD. User can unlock collateral at anytime by paying back the TAI generated plus the stability fees (~10%/year).


TOMO is the first collateral on Tomo Finance. In the near future, more assets will join the platform to back TAI stablecoin. In case of TOMO’s market price increases, user will be able to generate more TAI, or take advantage of a better position.


TFI exists as the governance token of the whole Tomo Finance. In the future, user can stake TFI to earn collected interests from CDP, or to vote for the stability fees, or to decide whether an asset can be used to back TAI. TFI can also be earned by joining the CDP.


Growing Faster Than Ever

DeFi Total Value Locked

Total Value Locked (TVL) in the DeFi industry has grown surprisingly by over 9,000% in the last two years, which indicates the mainstream is now shifting toward DeFi products faster than ever.

As a reason, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enables anyone from anywhere to earn a good source of passive income by locking assets in a trustless environment. On the other hand, user can borrow money instantly without dealing with frustrating paperwork.

The structure of DeFi removes human influence as emotion, reaction, or greed. Lending and borrowing are processed directly on a programmed system based on a Smart Contract with transactions recorded on Blockchain. This differentiates DeFi from the traditional financial system.


Fast . Efficient . Simple

Transaction Fee$0.001|

Started with low fee, high transaction speed!

TomoChain exists as a multi-purpose Smart Contract platform, which enables developers to build high-performance Dapps at lowest fees. The platform focuses on speed, privacy, ease of use, and decentralization.

Due to its efficiency through Proof-of-stake Voting (PosV) consensus algorithm, transaction fees are minimized and confirmation time is much faster. Hence, TomoChain creates an ideal environment for Tomo Finance to operate and develop.


Amazing transaction speed at 2,000 TPS with 02 second block time that would complete any transactions in seconds.


Transaction fee only costs as low as $0.001 USD each time thanks to POS model that optimizes gas fees maximumly.


TomoZ: pay fee with tokens, aside from TOMO | TomoP: privacy layer for transactions | Tomo Bridge:wrap other assets to TomoChain as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.


TomoChain has been developed constantly since early 2018 with much improvement from time to time that ensures the highest security for user.



Tomo Finance

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