TomoFinance, which is a Defi project based on TomoChain, launch in Q1 2021

TomoFinance, which is a Defi project based on TomoChain, launch in Q1 2021

Corefy Fintech Co., Ltd. is in partnership with blockchain development company BACOOR INC. to research and develop a platform which issues decentralised stable coins “TAI” unitedly. BACOOR INC. also handles Pantagraph, which jointly developed with HB Wallet and Tomochain.

The ever-growing DeFi market and the challenges

DeFi (Decentralised Finance) was the only rapid growth area in the global crypto-asset industry in 2020. Ethereum (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, has risen 266% since the beginning of the year. DeFi is a term used to describe a financial application built on the blockchain to disrupt financial intermediaries and is currently built mainly on the Ethereum blockchain by using smart contract technology.

About Tomochain

TomoChain provides solutions to the scalability issues of Ethereum blockchain and other blockchain platforms. It is highly compatible with EVM and can manageable with the same address as Ethereum.

Partnership with BACOOR

Tomochain published the partnership with BACOOR on December 12th last year. BACOOR developed HB Wallet, which boasts the world’s top-class number of users. BACOOR is also jointly developed Pantagraph, a blockchain development company based in Malaysia and Vietnam, attracted attention through joint development with Tomochain.

Tomo.Finance scheduled to launch in Q1 2021

Tomo.Finance is a platform that issues decentralised stable coins TAI on Tomochain. By locking TOMO as collateral, users can borrow stable coin TAI and sell or lend it for operation. As more users issue TAI, more TAI will be released to the market. By purchasing TAI, ordinary users can avoid the volatility of crypto assets.

​Tomo Finance | | A stablecoin evolves DeFi Smart and stress-free in your hands Freedom and fairness to you.

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